ACCESS.SPACE seeks to bring together the small satellite sector and stakeholders to create dialogue and foster collaboration among innovating satellite companies and to address their key issues.


ACCESS.SPACE extends a helping hand to emergent small satellite companies by sharing experience and expertise in the fields of financing, manufacturing, insurance, launchers, licensing, spectrum access, legal matters, and more.


ACCESS.SPACE aims to form an alliance of small satellite companies and space bodies that works towards a consensus among industry members and promotes policies on matters that concern and benefit the sector.


ACCESS.SPACE aims to educate the general public on the social and economic impact of the small satellite sector and create awareness for its needs. We also promote the opportunities in the sector for students to attract talents.


ACCESS.SPACE aims to stimulate and coordinate research in relevant fields with the academic community and initiate own research projects based on its members’ needs.


Through working groups formed by its members ACCESS.SPACE intends to propose and promote policies, procedures and standards and present them to government and industry bodies to give small satellite companies a stronger voice in existing standardization bodies while creating own standards where needed.



ACCESS.SPACE offers its members numerous benefits including:
  • a platform where companies can contribute, manage, operate and create solutions for the sector
  • expert advice by consultants and experts in fields relevant to the sector
  • international representation platform at the ITU, CEPT and other regional bodies, relevant policy bodies and national regulators
  • development of industry standards and guidelines
  • representation at the board and steering committee
  • at least one yearly conference with an exhibition centre
  • and more as we grow


Membership is open to companies working in the field of small satellites, insurers and insurance brokers, legal firms, consultants, financiers, universities, academic institutions, research and development facilities as well as national regulators and space agencies.

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About Us

Governing Body

ACCESS.SPACE was registered by its three founders, Elisabeth Bonnardel-Azzarelli, Dr. Tony Azzarelli, Christian Frhr. von der Ropp, in the UK in March 2019 as company limited by guarantee and intended to be not-for-profit.
ACCESS.SPACE is currently owned by its founders and run according to its articles of association. The structure and running of the company activities is governed by the corresponding organs created through the company byelaws.
Such would include a board headed by a chairman which will then nominate a president who in turn will set up steering committees and sub-groups for various tasks.
Should the need arise country chapters can be created which will be linked to ACCESS.SPACE by an “inter-agreement” governing the relationship between the entities.


Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli

Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli

Dr. Tony Azzarelli

Dr. Tony Azzarelli

Christian Frhr. von der Ropp

Christian Frhr. von der Ropp