London, UK, May 20, 2019 - The ACCESS.SPACE Alliance is formally announcing its formation with the aim to create an industry body for the small satellite industry in Europe and beyond.

The emergence of small satellites over the past decade has substantially lowered the entry barrier to space and has been key in fueling innovation and democratizing space. Morgan Stanley expects the space economy to grow to $1.1 trillion by 2040, much of which will come from the small satellite sector. However, despite Europe’s space industry has traditionally been a leading player, its transition from a predominately government-funded sector to the private one is lagging behind.

Dr. Tony Azzarelli, industry veteran and co-founder of the ACCESS.SPACE Alliance emphasizes that he is “very impressed by the efforts and investments made in space in North America and China. It is today that Europe, too, must make space entrepreneurship a real priority if it does not want to fall behind inexorably.”

“While public investment is important to stimulate the creation of space start-up companies, the industry must strengthen collaboration, emancipate itself and voice its needs and concerns to investors, policymakers and regulators.”, Mrs Betty Bonnardel, the second co-founder adds.

As the third co-founder, Christian von der Ropp, explains: “Access to financing is often blamed as a major barrier to NewSpace, but regulatory barriers are equally as high in Europe, where despite the concept of a single market satellite operators face a complex range of national regulations making it cumbersome to innovate at the speed necessary to keep up with the global market.”

As similar organizations in other parts of the world and other industries prove, industry associations play a critical role in removing such obstacles and fostering an environment that allows an entrepreneurial ecosystem to emerge.

After nearly one year of market survey and discussions with stakeholders in March 2019 the ACCESS.SPACE Alliance has been incorporated as private company limited by guarantee with its registered office in London. ACCESS.SPACE seeks to promote and develop the small satellite sector across borders and its objectives and vision are set out in the six key pillars below:

  • Connecting: to bring together the small satellite industry and stakeholders to create dialogue and foster collaboration among satellite companies and address their key issues.
  • Advising: to extend a helping hand to emergent small satellite companies by sharing experience and expertise in the fields of financing, manufacturing, insurance, launching, licensing, spectrum access, legal matters, and more.
  • Advocating: to form a collaborative centre for small satellite companies and space bodies that works towards a consensus among industry members and promotes policies on matters that concern and benefit the sector.
  • Promoting: to educate policymakers, investors, the media and the general public on the social and economic impact of the small satellite industry and create awareness for its needs and promote the opportunities in the sector for students to attract talents.
  • Researching: to stimulate and coordinate research in relevant fields with the academic community and initiate own research projects based on its members’ needs.
  • Standardizing: to propose and promote processes, policies and standards, and present them to government and industry bodies to give small satellite companies a stronger voice.

Conference on 4 July 2019 at ESA Campus in Harwell, UK

To introduce the ACCESS.SPACE Alliance and spearhead its formation, an inaugural conference will be held on 4 July 2019, hosted by the European Space Agency at its ECSAT facilities in Harwell, Didcot, UK.

Apart from sessions on key topics like financing, insurance, launching, debris mitigation and regulation attendees interested in joining ACCESS.SPACE as member will have the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of the organization.

Registration is open to representatives of the small satellite industry from Europe and outside at, where also the full agenda is available.

Places are limited and access to the conference is granted on a first come basis.

ACCESS.SPACE welcomes members and sponsors, and a membership committee will be formed to discuss and develop industry engagements and benefits. For 2019 membership will be free of charge and sponsorship will be taken on a voluntary countributory basis to recover any costs associated with the formation of the alliance.

The ACCESS.SPACE Alliance's’s website is available at, the premium domain name which is kindly sponsored by Radix, the registry of the .space top level domain addressing the space industry.

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